Adrian's Husqvarna TR650 Strada  - Extras
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Here are some of the Extras fitted to my TR650
Folding mirrors, great for filtering through traffic in Cambridge and to avoid garage rash
My new Hand Guards only £9 on eBay plus LED Daytime
Running Lights and new Folding Mirrors
My TR650 came with R&G Frame Protectors and R&G Protectors on both front and rear axle
My GPS Mount fitted to Handle Bars. I use my Galaxy Phone as my GPS
Headlamp removed to wire in LED Daytime Running Lights to the sidelight
bulb plus a hardwired USB Charger
I have fitted a Puig Touring II Windshield to help protect me when riding in the winter and for longer rides in
the summer.  This Puig screen is easy to fit using the brackets supplied.  Works well.