Adrian's Husqvarna TR650 Strada  - Extras 2
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I want to fit some Heated Grips, I prefer thin grips so I normally use heated strips that fit under a thing handlebar grip.  I found
these on Amazon, very cheap at £5.99p so I thought I would give them a try as my normal heat pads cost £52.
I unboxed the pads and ran them off a 12v battery for 3 hours to test them, they heat up immediately and ran consistently hot
with no issues.  The instructions are very amusing in Chinese English.  Basically the heat pad must not touch the metal
handlebar this is not an issue as I use a layer of double sided golf grip tape round the bar to hold the heated pad on, then
another layer over the top.  I slide my preferred Pro Grip 801 grips on using Lighter Fuel inside the grip and on the grip tape to
make the adhesive soft and slippy.  Leave overnight and the grips is stuck fast.  I have used this arrangement on all my bikes
for 15 years.
The Chinese pads come with a wiring loom and the switch is wired in.  The loom is just long enough to fit both grips, the switch
mount will fit under the mirror lock nut so this setup is relatively easy to fit.
I find the throttle action on the Strada to slow so it needs a lot of wrist movement.  While the throttle
was apart I cut and bent a thin piece of 2mm aluminium sheet to increase the diameter of the throttle
body to give a
faster throttle action. Stuck in place with Devcon Epoxy.  Seems to do the trick.
I now plan to make my own Sump Guard / Engine Bash Plate
from 3mm aluminium.  When I clean my Strada there is so much
muck thrown up under the engine which sticks to the crankcase
and the lower shock lower mount. There are not many options
available in the UK and none of them offer the protection I am
seeking.  So I will fabricate my own sump guard to protect the
engine from stones, rocks and mud. More pictures to follow.