Adrian's Husqvarna TR650 Strada  - Owning and Riding
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I wanted to upgrade my Pegaso as I had a temporary job with a daily 26 mile commute each way.  I kept my eye out for a
Strada or the more off road Terra and I saw this Strada advertised locally.  I love the design, very minimalistic, looks like a dirt
bike, feels like a dirt bike tall, slim and light.  I do not mind having cast wheels because I prefer having tubeless tyres, I can still
get some off road tyres fitted if I wish.  The engine is super smooth and the Strada has more power than the Pegaso.  The
lights are better, so is the switchgear.  For very little money I got a mint 3 year old bike with 7,000 miles on the clock.

I like the light feel of the bike, the steering feels slow but the Strada can be hustled with little effort.  The 650 BMW/Rotax
engine has plenty of go and I can cruise at 50, 60, 70 or 80 mph.   The Strada accelerates quickly from standstill being light
with a torquey engine.  Overtaking another vehicle that is travelling at 60, 70 or 80 mph or is easily undertaken just twist and
go (Unlike the Pegaso).

I used the Strada for commuting to Cambridge, 54 miles each day, I was worried the small 13 litre tank would not be enough.  I
was amazed to get 3 days and over 170 miles before the fuel light came on.  I am averaging over 70mpg while keeping up a
fast average speed on country roads and filtering for 6 miles each day.  The Strada is the most economic bike I have owned
since my of Honda C90 Cub.

There are some good websites especially Café Husky.  As ever so many posts are full of doom and gloom with people moaning
about everything.  There are some high mileage examples around so I hopefully the Strada will last.  The main issue is the
fueling which can be bad at low revs and some bikes keep stalling.  Thankfully mine is OK, probably because the ECU has
been remapped to the latest spec.  The fuelling on my Strada is perfect, it has only stalled twice both times on a very cold day
when I slowed down  shortly after moving off.  I have found that once Strada has covered 800 yards the engine is plenty warm
enough to run sweetly.

I would like to try this bike touring small roads in Wales or Northern Spain.  I plan to fit the GPR single titanium exhaust, install a
3 litre container of fuel in place of the missing silencer, attach some soft luggage on home made pannier brackets and the
Strada will be good to go.

There are a couple of downsides with owning this bike, surprisingly the Insurance is higher than my Pegaso because of the
lack of cheap spare parts which make repairs expensive for insurers.  Also the bike is very slim and compact and everything is
had to get to so major services will take hours.  There seems to be enough secondhand parts on eBay to keep the Strada
running for a few years and I believe this engine is used by SWM so no problems getting parts.

More updates to follow
TR650 vs KTM690 The Husqvarna TR650 is a much underrated bike, possibly because the asking price was too high when
launched, added to the fact that Husky's are not thought of as good road bikes.  I was contemplating buying a used KTM690
Enduro and converting it as an Adventure Bike for the road.  The 690 Enduro is supposed to be 100lbs lighter than the Strada.  
I thought it was also 10 bhp more powerful however I found this dyno test from Motorcyclist in the USA which shows the
Strada/Terra have similar power to the KTM with slightly more at the bottom end.  Interesting!  There are a couple of road tests
on You Tube, comparing the KTM Duke vs Strada and Enduro vs Terra.  The main drawback of the KTM is vibration at high revs
making it a poor engine for road work plus the seat which is not for sitting on.  There are some good adventure kits available
from Nomad, Rally Raid etc but the cost is £2,500 up to £5,000 and I would have to lower the suspension etc.  So in the end I
think the TR650 could be a better choice for my combination of touring and off road.