Adrian's Husqvarna TR650 Strada  - Servicing and Maintenance
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Aftermarket Fork Seals and Dust Covers
After only 9,000 miles the RH fork leg started to weep oil so I removed it and
stripped the forks down.  (There is a great article to follow on Café Husky).  I
have since found receipts to state seals have already been replaced one.  The
original seals are made by SKF, after many hours searching on WWW the only
genuine TR650 seals I could find for sale were in the USA and would have cost
around $200 inc shipping and taxes to UK.  Fortunately I found some Oil Seals
and Dust Seals for 46mm Sachs forks from ARI on eBay  ARI.146 and ARI.147
respectively.  They fit perfectly.
I wanted to work on the forks because as you can see I am only using 60% of
available travel and this is riding fast on bumpy fen roads which would bottom
the forks on most bikes. My KTM 1190R is using 90% of travel on the same
roads at similar speeds.
The chrome in this photo and the internal Teflon coated sliders show that these
forks are wearing badly, my Triumph Tiger forks showed far less wear after
25,000 miles.  I have never been much impressed with Sachs suspension
components, I can keep the forks going with regular rebuilds.
Fork Oil Specs
From research on WWW I believe these Sachs forks use 450ml of 5wt
suspension fluid in each leg, fluid height is 135mm with leg fully compressed.  
Initially I will try using 350ml to lower the air space and increase fork travel then
add more if required.  I fitted some air bleed vales to the fork legs.
Air filter Replacement (Not)
I always undertake my own servicing unless I own a bike under
warranty.  One of the recommendations you read is "Always buy a
bike with a full service history from a main dealer".  Well that is what
I did and guess what I have a bunch of receipts for Oil, Oil Filter, Air
filter, coolant top-up etc.  At 9,000 miles I am servicing the my
Strada and here is the New and Old Air Filter for comparison.  
According to my receipts the old air filter was replaced twice, last
time 2,000 miles ago.  Clearly the servicing was not undertaken but
at least the invoicing was diligent.  My old Africa Twin had done
21,000 miles when I bought it in 2003 with full Honda service
history.  When I checked the front spark plugs had never been
changed probably because this job took too long.  Think about it,
how many times have you been in a dealer workshop and how
many times have you seen a full top-end strip to check the valve
clearances?  In the UK we are charged £400 for a full 12,000 miles
service and I have only once seen a rocker box removed from a
bike when in a dealer workshop.

So my advice is buy a bike from a long time owner who has
undertaken the work himself,  especially if like me they take photos
and keep receipts to prove it. Moan over.